K.M.S. Registration Completed


We’ve just received a notification from Kukkiwon PANAM support team indicating that Kim’s Taekwondo Academy is now officially registered Dojang in Kukkiwon Membership System. We are now properly equipped with necessary tools in order to promote/recommend students to attain Kukkiwon certified Dan/Poom status.

6 thoughts on “K.M.S. Registration Completed

  1. Hello to all Masters,
    My Name is Master NGUILE Marcelin, i am the National Poomsae Trainer of Cameroun, Kukkiwon Instroctor till 2015 now, 6Dan Black Belt.
    I wanted to register my DOJANG to KMS, what about de conditions ?
    I would like you to send me all the informations about it.

    Kamza Hapnida

    Master NGUILE Marcelin.

    • You will need
      1) someone at your studio with Kukkiwon issued 4th (or higher) degree Dan holder
      2) The above person must also have completed at least a 3rd class instructor license course by World Taekwondo Academy (WTA)
      Once you have a Dan recommender who satisfies the above two conditions, he/she can register your studio via T-Con (This is the replacement of the old Kukkiwon K.M.S)

      T-Con (Taekwondo Connected) official site: https://tkdcon.net/en/main.do
      WTA official site: http://wta.kukkiwon.or.kr/en?lang=en

      I hope this information helps.
      Good luck.

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